Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Big Cats in Weymouth - Spirit of the Sea 2011 ...

The tiger returned to Weymouth yet again, and this time THE CAT was ready for him!

It was certainly a lovely day for a Harbour-side festival!

Until some one pointed out all that water, to the Cat! YIKES!

Most of the public were very taken with our furry visitors, and the felines must have posted for hundreds of photographs!

And there was time for a few lovely Cat-cuddles too!

What did you do at the weekend? XXX


southmedhorse said...

The tiger is grateful for a lovely LOL-filled day!

Caroline B said...

I just love how the cat's head has turned out! That tiger - will he ever find his horse?

southmedhorse said...

Caroline: the tiger had to leave his horse for the afternoon!