Thursday, 9 December 2010

New fabric and Paper people!

I bought this lovely fabric on line ... it looks slightly more subtle in real life ... I think it will make beautiful barn owls!

Gigi brough some cut-outs to the last HE meeting in Abbotsbury, and Daisy and Matty selected one each, which they drew on at the hall. They also made them anatomically correct!

Daisy's had the most detail, now tastefully covered up with magazine pages and some classy bows!

Matty selected some pre-cut clothes for her paper person, and added a design of her own to the front of the jacket ...

on the back veiw of Matty's doll you can still see a useful body part!

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Vande Historic Costuming said...

That is such lovely fabric!
I loved paper dolls when I was young - I dressed mine more like Matty's version. The dolls are beautifully drawn and dressed! Perhaps you have some budding fashion designers there!