Thursday, 21 May 2009

Cat and Mouse ....

did i ever tell you i put the whiskers on the mouse fursuit head?
and here is a fun poem a friend wrote about the fursona !

Cat and Mouse

A mouse! A mouse?
Big as a house,
So proud and sleek,
Not mild and meek.
It stands erect;
That’s not correct!
A lovely tail,
So long and pale.
It starts to pose
With upturned nose;
No whiskers though
Are yet on show.
What does it eat;
Just cheese or meat?
Where’s its hole?
Bless my soul,
If ever a cat
Gets after that
I’d like to bet
‘Twould soon regret
The adverse scale
And turn its tail.
Its eyes don’t glint.
I’m not convinced
This mouse is real;
In fact I feel
Its Raggy Rat
And made by Cat!

Chris Slade 17/3/9

1 comment:

Matilda said...

Totally excellent poem!!! a great piece of ****FUN***
Love that mouse*