Monday, 1 September 2008

uh-oh ....duh ! ... WIP

i am making fursuit feet

the feet have 4 toes each, and look like paws

i made some claws the same way that i made soem for the gloves, only i took my brain out and made 10 claws ...

so how about a blog giveaway?

perhaps the oddest one?

free to good home - 2 spare claws, would suit unicorn maker, or some one doing a monster with twin white fangs !

leave a comment saying what you would do with them if you won and i'll ask my toddlers to pick one! if you make an itwem to sell you have to credit me as maker of the pvc pointy parts, ok ?

off for a cup of tea now !

cat xxx

1 comment:

hens teeth said...

Great feet!
I'm very happy to swop links :-)