Tuesday, 9 September 2008

fursuit feetsies finnished finally!

the feet soles ready to be stuck to the shoes of my client ... canadian size 10 feet ...

and much glueing and sewing later, the finnished feet, i need a friend to pose in these for me !

yes, thats my dining room carpet btw - i am not changing it untill my children can eat more nicely :-)
and here is the paper pattern, all finnished with and including foot tracings from my client, mr big mouse :-)

you can get your copy ofthe pattern here


with a great tutorial ...
or you can have mine if you want it !


Jackie said...

Are we to assume you never want to make another?
I threw out all my dress patterns years ago and now I wish I hadn't.
Its a great achievement.

Amber said...

They look fantastic!

Caroline B said...

They're amazing! You are making the rest of the suit aren't you, or was it just the feet?