Monday, 14 July 2008

NUDE chickens ....

not really, that's just they way matty and daisy describe NEW things, they can't seem to hear that word any other way! funny how both of them make similar sounds for the same words, their first word was flower for both of them...

made 2 NUDE chickens, one for our dining room and one for a swap, the brown chicken should be landing in austrailia any time now, and the pinkish chicken is holding open the dining room door, and replaces a heavy cast-iron pig which wasn't at all user friendly, esp with little ones about.

so yes, some sewing got done, and i cut out some fabric the other day to made a small bag for my video camera to afford a bit of protection to it, moslty from the dust in this place!

vince is finnished now so give him a call if you would like him up some scaffolding near YOU...still waiting for mine to be taken down, and the light let in again

1 comment:

NyteRayn said...

But they're right, they ARE nude!!! LOL!

I'm really loving the fabrics you use in your crafting, btw.

And I've added you to my blog list. :)