Sunday, 20 July 2008


a long time ago, when i was very very small, i borrowed mary-mary stories from burscough library, more than one time. i loved it and i remembered it when trying to name our baby-to-be this past year ....

recently i ordered this book from the library and it came all the way from exeter after a few week, i found i remembered the images very well from all that time ago, and the stories came back to me as i read them, some of them matty and daisy enjoyed too, and pretened they were reading mary-mary when they sat down with picture books!

the book, by joan g robinson is no longer in print, so i cant get hold of our own copy, i hope the library keeps theirs safe. i know it is dated and cute, but the teddy robinson books are much easier to get hold of, i wonder why?

did any one else meet mary-mary in childhood and think she was great?
her schooled brothers and sisters are a pain, getting grumpy over doing homework and chores, and acting like mary-mary is a big pest!


Anonymous said...

I found a copy for you!*listing*title

Not a bad price, either, considering it's out of print. She reminds me a lot of Ramona Quimby, in the series by Beverly Cleary. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and there are some here, too:

Both and are great places to find out of print books.

Jackie said...

Isn't it strange when you touch old books you remember?An odd feeling..