Tuesday, 8 January 2008

mohair cat, a girl called Inez

mohair cat, a girl called Inez
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well my first creature of the new year is this little kitty, and yes, i got to grips with some mohair at last ! yippeeee !

the fabric for her ears, collar and paws, plus the eyes, came in a swap package from dear hilde, which i was delighted with. and the glass bead that matches so perfectly was shosen at yes asia to make up my order into free shipping ... i only needed to spend a few dollars on beads!

the mohair feels great and was lovely to handle ...
i dont know whether to put her on esty or bid for bears ... any requests? she is enjoying the company of red wheeled rose at the moment ...

happy new year
cat xxxx


Caroline B said...

Aw, very sweet, I like these toys that look slightly worn and loved! Tell us more about Yes Asia - didn't know they did beads too...

Laura Lynn said...

Cat she is so adorable!! Don't ya love working with mohair? :)

Laura Lynn