Tuesday, 31 July 2007

cuttlefish puppet on the go ...

Originally uploaded by RaggyRat
Here is the cuttle fish shell, as interpreted by me. they are interesting creatures that change their colours and patterns to communicate, in what seams like zebra stripes and dots ... i used white flowery stiff fabric for the frill ... are these fins? and some of the flowers onthe shell itself to tie in the piece as a whole.

In 2 other colours of upholstery fabric i made some wavy stripes, and then machined over the whole lot in 2 colours of thread. im simply alluding to changing dots and stripes rather than trying to slavishly copy from one photo of a cuttlefish. it was not easy to find whole body patterns, nor, i found, a good one of its eyes !


hilde said...

and again: this looks great!! Your twins are funny too, they have the same age as my little girl?

Raggy Rat said...

thanks hilde :-)