Saturday, 21 July 2007

All about saturday ...

Another dark, wet, raining day to make photography difficult ... Cleo the cat was born on thursday evening but i have not been able to take her out for some fun shots. the poor cat has been stuck in for days!

Never mind, here she is, with more pics of her on flickr too.
I got a new bike on tuesday and today Lousie and i cycled into town. She thought the huge new bike was steves, Then later she said, no i didn't! Steve had the buggy and we all got really caught out, as it had looked like a super bright day... down came the rain on all of us and the buggy had its hoods removed, never mind the rain cover!

Steve ran home with the buggy while louise and i popped into Wilkos and i got a collar for Cleo, which was fun, a bit like having a real cat. Of course there's Louises cat too so we actually have 2.

Back home we all needed a towel down and some dry clothes and i shivvered for ages. Even after my hot tea.

In the afternoon i worked on the Blenny who got his top fin completed and sewn in and i got stabbed a few times. Louise made a card for Les and alison who are moving abroad to do methodist ministry elsewhere and i am sad to see Les leaving but so pleased he baptised our children. i have great photos and also a lovely one of him and alison. We popped into their afternoon tea type do between baby tea time and bed time and it was scarey just how many grey heads stared at us, just for having twins, and we got asked hundreds of questions. i think people suspect us of telling lies when they tell us the babies are identical and we say they are not! Poor louise always gets asked if she helps her mummy.

Les Baptising all our girls last november, Daisy, Matty and Louise ...

This evening i almost finnished a new lampshade for Louises room. About time too, this house is full of original or 1970's features. You will have enjoyed some of our wallpaper of course ...

Sunday school today... and a bit of sun!

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hilde said...

I saw this cat on flickr, and I thought: what a sweet little one (I didn't notice she wasn't real!!). What a sweety!!