Saturday, 6 June 2020

Back to the future ...

Here is a composite image I made for Facebook in 2015, showing what a difference 5 years makes ...

We are all still seated on our second hand seesaw, which actually might be third hand. We have hung on to it much longer than my friend who’s son Solomon enjoyed it before us. And on the 1st June this year Mike dragged it out from behind the shed. 

Hmmmm. The next photo shoot could be a bit of a squeeze. No one is yet taller than me, but it won’t be long! Brave wee Mary is partly sat on me but partly on the handle! Denim jackets are pretty cool and Daisy is concealing AirPods in that long thick hair! We have all tasted coloured hair this lockdown. 

My smile tells a story, top photo, my way-off adult bite, second image you can just about see the braces I wore for three years and in the recent photo shoot there was my post jaw surgery smile and the new shape of my face. I still don’t take it for granted. 

Finally here you can see the whole seesaw, our chicken run, and how we swapped a Wendy house for a pretty painted shed! 

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