Monday, 15 February 2016

Facing Up To It - 11

So this is me. I've fitted my teeth together for you in this photo, and my neutral face looks pretty sad! 340 days ago when my braces were first fitted only sections of the back brackets would touch. We have come a long way! Prior to the braces being fitted, my lower teeth at the front had actually carved a dent for themselves in my palet. I spent most of the days of my life, since I was a teenager, holding my teeth apart to look less severe ...

On Thursday I had another adjustment, and my lower jaw was ready finally to receive an upgrade of wire, matching my upper arch wire at last! I chose navy blue bands, a new one for me, and here's my metal-filled smile. My bottom lip still falls back, unsupported by lower teeth. They might be a nice curve now, but they are still a long way back!

And this silly face is my attempt to show you all the gubbins! Seriously cannot wait for a decent set of gnashers and one day, taking the first proper bite out of an apple I will have ever taken in my life!

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