Thursday, 29 October 2015

Four Memory Pups ....

I was asked to make some very special pups in the style of my flat cats! I love to be asked to try new things so I set about designing some dogs with fold-over ears ...

After sketching and sharing progress wth my friend, I create the patters I will use to cut the fabric pieces with ....

Apart from the white fleece and wool I used for the eyes, each pup is made from pieces of a Daddy's jumper and one of his shirts. This project is so special because the Dad died last year. 

With the ears sewn in this pup looks rather silly! I need a few small stitches to fold over the ears just right! The nose is also needle felted and the mouth will be hand embroidered :-)

Pin the ears before sewing down so you can get the angle right!

Here are all four dogs ready to leave me. Have fun guys and thank you for standing in the gap and helping to celebrate a special person. 

Have you worked with clothing to help preserve memories? 

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