Thursday, 6 August 2015

The one where The Raggy Rat became Queen!!!

So there she stood, creatively dressed as a busy, creative Mum-of-four...

Why are you wearing that?, says Carl from Wessex FM. All that's missing is a chicken under my arm!

For evening dress I eventual decided against pyjamas. I bought a very simple swingy dress and took it in a little, to fit. Ever practical!

There was entertainment and the Pavilion was so beautifully done up. Like a wedding! 

Judges scribbled their choices without conferring. Excitement was building!

And I was happy to win Miss Charity! Esp since we get to support Julia's House!

This is me utterly shocked ... I actually won Miss Carnival Queen 2015!!! And even better I'm listening to some amazing cheers from a certain table!!

Didn't we do well? I'll see you at the carnival!

Thanks to Frances Underwood Photography for letting me share these pics with you XXX


Susan McMahon said...

Well done you! Love the overalls!

Caroline B said...

Well done- you are in for a busy summer then!