Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Jingling Johnny again!

While the sun shone, mike made some recycled discs from bottle tops collected from a Weymouth Pub ...

Tap tap, gently round, until each bottle top is flat!

Cat made comfy, grippy handles by carefully gluing on braid. The end of the braid is secured with a small tack first ...

One instrument is covered in scripture, and varnished, and the other stained with ebony stain. They have brackets fitted below the handles, and check out the musical topping on the black jingling johnny!

They make a good noise already!

Both are ready here for the application of some chest-expander springs! The size difference might be to do with our size differences, but might also be to do with playing sitting or standing!

And dog bowls? what? This is looking crazy and fun! More later!

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Howdoesyourgardengrow said...

This is Mary in the Midlands.
So I am not an ANNYMOUSE.
Jingle on Cat!
Keep your jingle playing.