Thursday, 17 May 2012

On thumb sucking ...

So what's that on Mary's thumb? I have two thumb sucking addicts among my daughters, and Mary had it bad, that it until I took some sock scraps and ribbon and created a means to inhibit this little habit!

meet froglet! He is tied on with ribbon, but is only at best a good deterrent, as he can actual stretch off if the addict is finding the day a bit tough! Also, the addition of some nice fruity hand-cream, lovingly applied by mummy for those sucking blisters, can also help with that, esp at bed time. A bonus if you little one likes the smell!

And Daisy liked the idea of frogglet too,so that she asked for one, and wears hers at night!


WendyCarole said...

What a good idea.

Shell said...

I like love froglet idea.
My youngest boy was/is a thumb sucker. I have had a dentist call me a liar because he thought that I gave my boy a dummie as his teeth were pushed forward.
After a few years of braces, my boy is still a thumb sucker at 13 years old.