Wednesday, 14 March 2012

We made a small wildlife pond ...

I went freecycling again, and I picked up a very sweet pre-moulded and pre-used pond. you can see but it has a cute little exit part for little things wanting to leave the water.

Also from the ponds owner came some lovely frog spawn from her main pond

So one woman and three girls set about digging a lovely hole for our new mini ecosystem ... Mary went off to trampoline after a bit, then she fell asleep on the sofa and woke up shaky! Poor baby ...

We smashed roots, hooked out stones and fed fat juicy worms to the chickens! Then we kept measuring the height until it was a perfect fit, even though the garden slopes!

And we filled the pond with rain water from the butts and out of the sandpit too, where we found lovely rotting leaf skeletons and wriggly blood worms too!

We are gently proud of ourselves!


Brenda said...

You should all be proud - it's lovely and think of all the little creatures that will stop by.

Brenda x

WendyCarole said...

That's a lovely little pond. We have made one at the allotment.