Monday, 24 October 2011

Popular People!

Here we are looking at this month's issue of popular crafts magazine, where in the KID'S CRAFT section you can find the winning artwork from the last issues craft challenge - Maps by Daisy, Matty and Mary themselves!

Their work looks really great in print, and they were pleased to win a great prize too!

Also in the magazine, among the readers letters, is some good advice from yours truly about what to do with pipes! Its a tad fiddly but very effective don't you think?

And then, even more better, a double page spread all about me, making me sound very professional indeed! But don't worry, there is much more in the magazine besides me and my tribe, and there is also a special offer on the lovely book we just reviewed, too!

Have you got a copy? I love to read inspiring things over my cup of tea xxxx


WendyCarole said...

i haven't got this months :( well done all of you xx

Glass Jar Gifts said...

Congratualations! Looks amazing!