Saturday, 14 May 2011

A Fish Supper with Ed and Elton

Yesterday I had a really enjoyable night out, Talking, giggling, dancing and eating fish and chips, down in the hall at Wey Valley School...It was probably the tail end of my 40th Birthday celebrations, but what a lovely ending it was too!

The school hall has a really good stage, and at just the right moment Ed's son Jack tugged on the curtains to reveal Mr Hintze in his signature red jacket and straw hat. All held their breath at the curtains momentarily paused, then squeaked the rest of the way open. Ed played the grand piano, alongside his trusty TYROS3, perched on top,and did what he always does so well, entertained his varied audience with top performing and a smattering of tasteful jokes ...Ed chose real audience pleasers from his HUGE repertoire of Elton songs and the atmosphere was brilliant.

Then the awesome school dinner lady brought out chip-suppers for all, you could have a sausage or a veggie burger, if you wanted, and some tartare sauce was dug out for the birthday girl too. With lights up, there was an opportunity to chat with friends and family, and some thing nice and comforting to soak up the rosé drank by members of Dorset for Singing.

In the second half, fuelled with fishies and encouraged by Ed's lovely wife Jenny, the dancing began, as Ed appeared on stage in Gold Lamé and rocked the school hall. I simply cant say enough how impressed I am with the size of Mr Hinze's repertoire, although his enthusiasm for playing got the better of him when his G-string snapped, mid song! After that he let it hang out so it wouldn't make funny noises.

Ed thanked his supporters, and us for being fab fans, and we knew he really meant it. And we really were happy we came, especially some of us! The last encore was an Elton track, to dance to, and so we did! And I got my poster signed at half time, too!

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Katy Cameron said...

Sounds like a really fun evening :o)