Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Chicken run!

it was time to stop squeazing in between the clothes pegs and have a proper chicken run - with a gate! First, we had to free the chickens, and they were all over the grass at once!

the two buff Orpingtons seem to be the gaffers on this project ...

but the black tails are happy to lend a had to Doug too - this one is off to look for a left-handed spanner ...

my camera is something of an attraction too, and i feel a bit wary when those beaks start to loom large in my veiw-finder!

Any work in the garden calls for lots of builders'(TM) tea - just ask Mary!

Looks like all our girls really like to play together! And that keeps the chickens from under Doug's feet - they didn't even quake when he fetched out an axe!

Our cuddliest-Chicken has a nice sit down with Matty and Daisy!

And the work is completed in one day - I just had to pick all the pooh off the lawn the next day, before letting the children out to play!

Thank you Doug xxxx

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Tanya said...

We have 26 buff orpingtons! They are so fun. :)