Monday, 9 August 2010

Workshop and Coffee morning - all ages!

Winfrith Village Hall
Tuesday 17th August 2010
10.30 until midday


Come and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and cake featuring Cat’s workshop - making charming creatures from Socks and Gloves!

Bring a pair of knitted socks or gloves
Scissors, needles, thread.

Acrylic stuffing and instructions, provided.

I will bring along classic red-healed socks, and sock monkeys - some in pieces !

And the sock donkeys made for Matty and Daisy ...

Plus a sock elephant or two, to inspire!


Katreader said...

Amelia looks so young in that picture! I'd love a sock donkey-I so wish I lived close enough to attend!

Caroline B said...

I'd love to come...but it's a bit of a long walk.....

Emily said...

Oh wow! those sock elephants are adorable! where do you find the pattern for those ones?