Friday, 18 December 2009

Nan is happy to fiddle with 'Art for the Hands' :-)

"My Mum took the 'Art for the Hands' mat that Cat made for my Nan, Patricia Hardy, in to her yesterday, and she absolutely loves it! She spent the whole visit stroking the material, twiddling the ribbons and buttons, and trying to wrap the ribbon round the buttons. She spotted the cat material on it and commented on that too. At one point it started to slip off her lap and my Mum leant forward to pick it back up for her but my Nan grabbed it away from her - clearly she thought that Mum was going to take it away from her and she wasn't going to have any of that! She wasn't smiling or showing obvious pleasure in the way we would expect (she doesn't), but she was really fascinated by it and you could tell she was happy to have something to fiddle with other than her clothing and lips, which is what she usually does. Whether or not it was coincidental we don't know, but she was far chattier than usual on this visit too.

"The care home staff were very interested in it too, they've never seen anything like it before but agreed that keeping them occupied is beneficial. One of the websites I was reading said that there is research that proves that having something like this to occupy their minds makes them less likely to need so many meds too.

"So it was a hit, Cat! Thank you so much :o)"

thank you for letting me share this news june, its very exciting that something i could make might have real, practical use ...


June said...

You're welcome, thanks for making it! There's not much that my Nan can do to occupy herself anymore, it's great to have something that she enjoys and can do without the care staff having to organise it.

Christina Ward said...

Beautiful, Cat. You, the mat and everything about this.