Wednesday, 19 August 2009

british primitive goats ... WIP

i have been sewing some goats inspired by those that live on portland, dorset ...

"The Trial

The Portland Grazing Goat Trial aims to test the effectiveness of British primitive goats for controlling native and non-native scrub. The trial area covers East Weares and Penn’s Weare on the east coast of Portland. This is an area of exposed limestone cliffs, old quarries, boulders and thin soils which supports a mix of scrub and open rock and grassy areas. The scrub is steadily encroaching on the open areas and the trial aims to use the goats to control the spread of the shrub areas.

This project is funded by Natural England and is a community partnership between Island Volunteers for You (IVY), Kingston Maurward College, and the Portland Ranger Project.

Goat Welfare

The goats have free range over the Weares, but will be carefully monitored. They will get water from the food they eat and natural water supplies. There are good natural boundaries to stop the goats roaming. There is plenty of natural shelter available.

The goats will be checked regularly by IVY volunteers and Kingston Maurward College staff."

my goats will be at the beach hut, during artwey, in september and one goat at the brewers quay!


tantehilde said...

Oh cat, please, please, my favourite animal of all is a goat!!! Can we please please swap a goat for a doll? please please, these goats look adorable!!!

Caroline B said...

Would you just STOP making these fabulous animals!! These have got such character in their faces already - wow!

Heather said...

AHHH! They're so cute!

I LOVE their little button eyes... egads.

Jennifer A. Hendrich said...

These are gorgeous! What type of fabric are you using for their faces?

Beth said...

oh, those have turned out so well! I love how soft their faces look :)