Saturday, 25 July 2009

another plush team challenge - 40 years since woodstock 69

"Among the countless iconic images to come out of Woodstock, one that stands out is that of a colorful micro-bus painted with all the symbols of the peace-and-love generation that has become known as "Light."

Light was a group that included a singer by the name of Robert Grimm, who would later become one of the Four Seasons. It was Grimm who commissioned Dr. Bob Hieronimus to turn the band's drab tour bus into something more ... say, magical."


I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

It looks Soo good! I love combi vans, and ones that are decorated, Wow, Love them too. And it looks like you are making a combi plushi? I cannot wait to see it. Happy Aniversary!

Midge said...

Yeah man I remember the four seasons! x x x x

I also learnt to play a guitar with just three cords.

As we all do....never had the straight hair....... also just abit too young....... he he he......x x x

aged you cat .... love yer x x x

hopefully speak to you soon x x x