Sunday, 26 October 2008

looking forwards and backwards ....

this week i spent a lot of time at my computer, in dribs and drabs, deleting and making back up dics of pictures ... it suddently hit me that i could really loose my photographs, all of us knows someone who has lost a HDD full of emails pictures and memories ... and i didnt wan that to be me.

when i finally got down to it i found over 2000 images from daisy' and matty's birth to the last upload, and i took these on just over 4 discs to a small local company in town ... i could have used there on line service, but just inagine how may hours it would have taken to upload them, my images are around 1gig ...

have you ever lost things on your pc?
i used to teach scrapbooking, and might go back to it again, and always stressed gettign those pictures printed. i met a woman and told her about my classes - she has four children - and said, ah, it was ok thanks, she had them all on her computer ... a few years later i met her again in one of my classes - she lots four years of images and gave us all food for thought!

so ive done it
its a HUGE box full
and its going to take me forever to get those into albums - but it will be done !

oh, and in that photo above, daisy is on the left, and matty on the right

cat xxx

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Matilda said...

you are so so right in saving them all to disk and getting them printed as well Cat.
I lost all my hangtag and business card designs when my computer crashed. Those designs evolved from several years of tweeking until I finally got them the way I was happy.
...sigh.....even email address's all gone....the only saving grace was I was able to save photos from other programs where I had them stored online. But that took days to track them down .......