Monday, 18 August 2008

WIP those big feet !

using the tutorial

here is a table full of foam pieces, i had to check back to the computer to see again how they would fit together! two of the toes have been sewn together-

all 8 toes are sewn up here, i tried using zigzag stitch and but the joints together, no pinning, and i wanted to facilitate a smoother curve than gluing might create. it seems to work well. i plan to add a rib of glue to the underside to strength, later -

and here are the 2 heal-and-ankle sections formed, a bit tricky to put through the machine!

fianlly, before getting out my 3 kinds of fabrics to be used on the feet, i cut up and re jigged the patterns a little bit, and they are labled with fleece, fur and log fur-

the next images will be of the fabrics im using
have a nice day
cat xxx

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